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We are Bosnian company which is dedicated to the development of projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We are focused on a realistic assessment based on real data and our aim is to restore investor confidence in the sector. We are company that has recognized the problems of this sector and we successfully exceed them. We approach to our projects  responsibly and professionally and our wish is that through various employment programs directly impact and improve the lives of local communities. more...


Higher purchase prices of electrical energy!
Friday, 15 April 2011 15:50
struja_12The Government of the Federation of BiH recently adopted a new legal regulation which will definitely be good news to all producers of electrical energy and potential investors in the energy sector. A new, modified Regulation on Renewable Energy Sources and Cogeneration was adopted on 1 May 2011. The Regulation guarantees new purchase prices of electrical energy to all producers, and the prices are, depending on the size and type of source, as follows: for solar power plants from 36,78 to 91,95 F/kWh; for biomass plants from 16,18 to 18,02 F/kWh; for geothermal plants from 17,78 do 19,00 F/KWh; for small hydropower plants from 12,38 to 14,34 F/kWh, and for wind power plants 15,33 F/kWh. For purposes of comparison, the prior price for small hydropower plants was 9,16 F/kWh. The Regulations is aimed at encouraging higher levels of production and consumption of electrical energy produced in plants which solely use renewable sources of energy. In addition, pursuant to this Regulation, the electrical energy suppliers are obliged, as of 1 May 2011, to state the amount of fee for encouraging the use of renewable sources paid by all buyers according to the calculated consumption in kWh on the invoice delivered to the buyer, as a separate item.
Pure energy and new jobs
Friday, 24 December 2010 15:42
222625232_ee4522e6c4_oCapacity utilization of wind energy in the North Sea region are enormous and beyond even the energy equivalent of oil reserves in the Middle East, highlights from the Belgian government, which was instrumental in concluding the agreement between the leading European countries. Under this arrangement members of the EU, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden, and Norway, which is not in the Union, decided to coordinate investments and plans to build offshore wind energy in order to take account of that are built and connected to existing power grids. The Memorandum was signed in mid-December at a Bruxllesu EU proposals for the construction and connection of wind farms in the North Sea, English Channel and Irish Sea and Celtic declared one of the priorities for the next decade. According to EU figures, the wind in that region could settle 16 percent of energy demand in the EU and lead to opening up to 150 000 new jobs by 2030.
Please contact us if...
Friday, 17 December 2010 15:34

• If you have a location that has good potential but you do not know where to begin
• If you have a concession on the use of water resources but do not know whether they are indeed a good business opportunity
• If you have a concession and you know it is a good business opportunity but do not have enough cash for the project
• If you are offered  a project or investment opportunity and want to check the quality or effectiveness
• If you have money and want to make good investment


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